On condition that the visitors of the website and the persons using the services provided on the website www.v48.hu (hereinafter the user) accept the terms and conditions indicated below and possibly appear elsewhere on the website by visiting the website and/or by using the services, V48 Kft. provides the website and the content available on the website for disposal. By opening the internet service accessible on the www.v48.hu server or any of its pages, you have accepted the terms listed below. If you do not agree these terms and conditions, please do not open our web pages!

V48 Kft. reserves the right to modify or amend its declarations below. In this case, V48 Kft. publishes those amendments on the website to inform the users thereof. The visit of the website and use of the services shall qualify as acceptance of the amendments.

General information

The information provided on these website, including any links to other websites, is for general information purposes only and is neither investment advice nor a recommendation that a particular product or service is suitable for any particular investor. Upon the request for an offer we are able to provide you with a tailor made offer; please contact us on any of the below contacts. Any decisions that are based on the information on the website are taken at the users own risk.

V48 Kft. has taken every reasonable effort to ensure that all information published on the website is accurate at the time of its uploading. Nevertheless, V48 Kft. takes no responsibility and will not be liable either expressly or implicitly for the information provided on this website, nor for the accuracy and completeness thereof, and retains the right to make changes and corrections at any time and without notice, and to close down the website or partly or fully remove the information published there.

V48 Kft. shall accept no responsibility for any losses or damage resulting from access, or failure to access, the website or any information found thereon, or from the use of these. V48 Kft. shall not be liable for any damages, losses (including the loss of profit) or costs resulting from the use of the website, its condition preventing access, its incorrect operation or breakdown, the changing of data by anyone, a delay in the transfer of information, a computer virus, or a fault of the line or the system, or as may arise for any other similar reason.

The user visits and uses the website on its own risk. Neither V48 Kft., its contracting partners nor any party who was involved in the design, maintenance of and making the website available shall be liable for any possible damage resulting from the visit and/or the use of the website.

All claims and dispute arisen in connection with the visit and use of the website shall be governed by the Hungarian laws.

Should you have any question or comment regarding the website, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the below contacts: info.hungary@codic.eu.

The protection of personal data

Despite of that V48 Kft. is committed to protecting the personal date of the users, the transmissions of data through the internet (including the electronic mails) are not secure and there are risks of loss of data, the access and modification of data by third parties. V48 Kft. will be no liable for any damage caused to the user by the transmission of data through the internet, including but not limited to the electronic mail exchanges with V48 Kft (which might include personal data of the user).

V48 Kft. shall handle any personal data it obtains through the use of the website confidential in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (hereinafter Information Act). By visiting the website, using the services provided on it and by providing V48 Kft. with your personal data you give your consent to V48 Kft. to keep such data on record and to handle such data for the purpose and time (to the shortest time possible) determined by the type of the transaction concerned.

V48 Kft. may use the data and information you have provided for the following purposes: market research, market analysis, notification, provision of information on new products and services, various special offers, processing of offers.

You as a user acknowledge that V48 Kft. may be forced to make the users (including your) personal data available for courts and authorities in course of court and official procedures aiming to detect illegal acts.

The legal basis of the data processing is Section 5(1) of the Information Act.

The data of V48 Kft. as the data manager and processor:

Name: V48 Kft.
Seat: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 11/b.
Registration No.: 01-09-873903 (Registration Court of Metropolitan Tribunal)
Tax number: 13800673-2-41

V48 Kft. does not engage any data processing company in connection with use of and the providing services though the website but conducts the data processing by itself.

You are entitled to ask information of the processing of your personal data and request the correction and/or deletion thereof. V48 Kft. is obliged to correct the incorrect personal data of yours.

Upon your request V48 Kft. shall provide information on the data processed by it, the purpose, grounds and duration of processing and on its activities relating to data processing.

V48 Kft. shall comply with your request for information without any delay, and provide the information requested in an intelligible form, in writing at your request, within not more than 30 days. Such information shall be provided free of charge if the user requests the information has not submitted any other request in the same year. In any other cases providing the data may be subject to a charge. Where any payment is made in connection with data that was processed unlawfully, or the request led to rectification, it shall be refunded.

We draw your attention to the fact that you may access the websites of other companies and organisations from the website. V48 Kft. shall not be liable for the content and correctness of the data published on such other websites or for the security of your data. If you use such websites, we recommend that you first consult the data protection policy of the organisation publishing the given website.


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