V48 has been carefully conceived and provides finishing criteria ensuring high level comfort for its occupants.
It is designed a Shell & Core and will be equipped and finished according to the Fit-out specification and budget, based on a  ‘turnkey’ principle.

  • Floor load capacity in the office zones:
    - live load at each floor level: 3,0 kN/m² (+1 kN/m² for superimposed loads such as partition walls for cellular offices),
    - live load at the ground-floor: 5,0 kN/m²

  • Lifts:
    - 3 elevators (2 x 630 kg and 1 x 1000 kg) working in triplex in the Váci wing, serving the 2 basement floors, the main lobby on the ground floor and the 5 upper floors
    - 1 visitors’ elevator (630 kg) between the 2 parking levels and the main lobby on the ground floor
    - 2 elevators (2 x 630 kg) working in duplex at the end of the Ipoly wing, serving the basement floors, the lobby, and all the 5 upper floors

  • Internal free height
    in office zones: 2,95 m (limited area on the 2nd floor: 2,70m),
    in Retail zones: 5,07 m
  • Modulation: 1,35 m (in the 2 side wings) and 1,20 m (in the Váci wing) for flexible partitioning
  • Office area filled with natural light
  • Automatic external shading blinds on the entire 5th floor and on the 4th floor’s windows facing to the courtyard with sun- and wind sensors
  • Openable windows with internal blinds
  • Suspended acoustical ceiling
  • Modular raised floor (8-15 cm)
  • Modular floor carpeting (antistatic)
  • 4 pipe fan coil air-condition system
  • Fresh air supply (1 person/10 m²): 50 m³/h, person
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Lighting at office areas: 500 lux
  • Movable floor boxes with electrical plugs
  • Access control, CCTV camera system
  • Diesel generator
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